Hi! Thanks for coming by! I’m a floral designer and a life-long, compulsive artist. I paint, draw, doodle, dabble, and make something almost every day. I studied fine arts with a concentration in painting in college, and created an almost entirely abstract body of work. From time to time I would paint a still life or portrait, but felt the need to create more personal, non-representational pieces. My work as a floral designer changed that, as I was inspired everyday by the colors, textures, and lines of the flowers I was working and seeing in my work.

If you spy something on here that’s not in my etsy shop and it’s not marked SOLD,  drop me a line, and if available, I can list it just for you.

If you’re interested in a commission, that’s awesome! Drop me a line in the Contact link and we can work out the details. I have a super simple formula for pricing to make things easy for everyone!


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